Talented Ladies

Talented Ladies is a print series I began in 2000. It represents a personal interpretation of recent discoveries in genetics and specifically the properties of mitochondrial DNA. Called MtDNA it is the unchanging genetic information that is passed down from mother to daughter creating a continuous link back through time to our first mother. It defines each of us uniquely yet connects us to every human on earth, crossing time and continents.

As the daughter of a daughter of a daughter, I realized I had broken a chain in my own inherited mtDNA within my known family by not having a daughter myself. This series is dedicated to my grandmother, a child at the dawn of the 20th century and for all 21st century daughters.

The prints for this series start with my “characters” in the narrative, the Eves and clan mothers. They are appropriated engravings of 19th century circus performers who walk on swords, juggle knives, and fly through the air. The engravers cuts are redrawn and collaged, made into plates and then placed into a “slice” of a continuous landscape. The slices of landscape are part of a planned series that will roll out to over 12 feet when finished. Each print completes a part of the landscape and a segment of time, like a generation.

The prints in this series are collages of several different types of plates including copper, polyester, paper, and at least one monotype plate. Each print is unique.

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